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The Top Killers & How To Prevent Them

75% of all deaths in the USA are attributable to 10 causes. The leading cause of death in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Canada is the same.

People are dying at record numbers. Life expectancy is shortening and it is not because of war or natural catastrophes but because most people have very little regard for their health.

Death Is a Reality
Everyone will die some day. Dying is not bad. However, what is very regrettable is premature preventable death. This will rob a family of a breadwinner. It will rob a country of a valuable citizen and the world of a great human being. http://buysteroidsforsale.co/dianabol/

Life Does Not Have To Be Short
In some parts of the world like Japan, people live very long. This is because they know how to prevent the top killers. The Japanese are very conscious about health issues.  However, in the West, there are many unnecessary deaths.

Modern day western diets are not good for health. They make people sick and even cause death.

1. Heart Disease
Heart disease causes one in every four deaths in the USA.  The cause of heart disease is eating foods that have too much saturated fats, cholesterol and sugars.
By adopting a heart friendly lifestyle, you will save yourself from heart disease and most other diseases. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish are good for your heart.
2. Diabetes
The cause of diabetes is too much sugars and being generally inactive. Diabetes is not only killing people in the developed world. In developing countries, this disease is also becoming a major concern.
Avoid a sedentary lifestyle to avoid diabetes. Sitting down continuously without standing and moving around is a real killer. In addition, be cautious about what you eat.
3. Kidney Failure
This is caused by the over consumption of alcohol. Too much of anything including food and alcohol is dangerous.
To prevent kidney failure, drink alcohol in moderation. If possible, you can make the decision to lead an alcohol free lifestyle. http://www.buysteroidsonline.org/dianabol/
4. Depression and Stress
These two cause a myriad of physical conditions. They can also cause suicide.
At times, depression is hard to prevent. However, you can manage and reduce it. When you feel depressed, seek the help of a counselor. Be open to your trusted family members and friends about the difficulties you are facing. Some of them might help you overcome difficult situations.

Most Diseases are Preventable
Yes, most diseases are lifestyle related. Therefore, lifestyle change will come in handy. Start by changing how you eat if you want optimum health.

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